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Community Safety Network (CSN), a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, support and advocacy for people affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking as well as violence prevention, education, and awareness in Jackson, Wyoming, seeks an Executive Director.


Primary Qualifications

  • Seasoned leader who can build culture and community
  • Visionary who can think and plan strategically
  • Passionate about the mission and enthusiastic to learn

Seasoned Leader
Our ideal candidate is the type of person who brings people together – both internally and externally. Our staff, volunteers, and advocates are our most respected and valued resources. Our Executive Director will be an empathetic leader with demonstrated skill in building healthy, connected, and sustainable internal team culture.

CSN believes that meaningful and lasting change can only be achieved through partnership with the community and entities that intersect with survivors. The Executive Director must genuinely value cooperation and collaboration, and will seek to cultivate respectful relationships with our partners to ensure cohesive delivery of services to the community.

Vision and Strategic Thinking
Our ideal candidate is a visionary who can think and plan strategically. CSN is not satisfied with the status quo and seeks an Executive Director that will partner with the Board on developing a forward-thinking progressive strategic direction that puts CSN on the path to achieving meaningful and lasting change. CSN’s new leader must have experience creating a vision and executing against it.

Passionate About the Mission
Our next Executive Director will be able to demonstrate their passion for the mission. Our new leader must want to become as knowledgeable as possible about gender-based violence and humble enough to know that there is always room for growth. We expect our new Executive Director will seek training, professional development, and collaboration to better understand what it will take to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Additional Qualifications
  • Experience managing a budget; experience creating systems that pertain to foundational nonprofit operations
  • Demonstrated ability to provide advice, thought partnership, and oversight to staff
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships; willingness to solicit gifts
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm necessary to partner with the Board, utilize their individual strengths, and consult them as thought partners

Core Responsibilities
  • Organizational Operations: Develop and manage the annual budget; create policies and procedures that ensure effective and efficient workflow
  • Organizational Leadership: Supervise, develop, and retain leadership staff; build team culture
  • Programming: Co-lead strategic planning and goal-setting, oversee implementation; ensure the mission is fulfilled through programs; maximize strategic partnerships to advance the mission
  • Fund Development: Participate in all aspects of fundraising; partner with the Board on fund development strategy and execution; research and apply for grants and manage grant reporting
  • Board Engagement: Report to the Board; lead, support, and engage the Board

Professional Development and Support
The Board is committed to supporting our new leader’s onboarding and ongoing professional development. As such, our incoming Executive Director will have an Onboarding Plan to guide them through their first few months in the role. Based on our new Executive Director’s first few months and their desires for mastery, CSN will offer support and guidance through partnership with skilled board members and/or from outside consultant(s) that are experienced in the Core Responsibility areas described above, as well as training opportunities our new Executive Director identifies in partnership with the Board Chair.

The position is full-time, exempt, and non-remote. The salary for the position will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s prior experience. CSN offers a competitive Benefits Package, commencing first day of month, following date of hire.

How to Apply
Interested candidates may submit a resume and cover letter outlining how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position. Please send documents to

The power to change lives is in your hands.

To achieve such wide community reach, Community Safety Network relies on the generous support of our volunteers and donors. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we work to fulfill our mission of fostering lasting change in the lives of people affected by domestic violence.


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